Message from the President
We are a community of craftspeople who strive to
impress our customers with our character, reliability, and open-hearted nature.

Since its establishment in 1952, Busyu Kogyo has been manufacturing sheet metal parts and heat exchanger pipes for the automotive market.
As part of the current transition from an age of mass production to one of high-mix, low-volume production, we produce production plans based on production equipment designs suited for each age, so our approach to manufacturing can support a variety of products. As a company of craftspeople that respects the autonomy of our employees, we have established a structure in which each individual is responsible for everything from production management to manufacturing and inspection. We aim to continue innovating within this framework.
In August 2016, we opened an office in Silicon Valley, one of the world’s centers of advanced technology and global business. We will take up the challenge of even greater advancement in quality and technology, in new areas such as AI and the Internet of Things. As we approach the 70th anniversary of our founding, our “Attack V70” activities are underway, and our employees are more dedicated than ever to impressing our customers with our quality, low costs, fast turnaround, and product development capabilities. Going forward, we will continue to aim for global outreach that is rooted in Japan.

Hideo Hayashi, President

Company Overview
Company name Busyu Kogyo Co., Ltd.
Established 1951
Capitalization 40 million yen
Location Headquarters/Main Plant: 1-2-3 Suehiro-cho, Ome City, Tokyo
Murayama Warehouse: 2-59 Enoki, Musashimurayama City, Tokyo
Shinmachi Satellite Plant: 9-2221-2 Shinmachi, Ome City, Tokyo
Employees 155 people (122 men, 33 women)
Average age 35 years old
Business activities Metal machining automotive parts Sheet metal, stamping, plastic processing, Automatic control equipment manufacturing
Pipegram BIMMS on AWS
Major customers Construction machinery manufacturers, auto manufacturers, special vehicle manufacturers




Murayama Warehouse


Shinmachi Satellite Plant

December 1952 Sheet metal factory founded in Musashi-murayama City
April 1956 Japan Radiator Co., Ltd. opens for business (sheet metal, shrouds)
July 1957 First radiator pipe orders accepted
August 1960 Akishima plant established
August 1965 Murayama plant established in Musashimurayama City
April 1970 Head office and Ome plant established in Ome City
July 1975 Ome plant expansion
June 1980 500-ton deep drawing press begins operation
February 1981 First air conditioning pipe orders accepted
May 1982 Business with Nissan Motors begins
April 1983 Kickoff of “Attack V35” initiative
April 1984 Introduction of NC bender
February 1987 First aluminum heating pipe orders accepted
April 1987 Kickoff of “Attack V40” initiative
June 1987 Switch is made to single-piece flow production lines
October 1987 Introduction of personal computers (SORD-PIPS system)
April 1992 Kickoff of “Attack V45” initiative
March 1989 3-dimensional laser begins operation
April 1997 Kickoff of “Attack V50” initiative
October 1999 Introduction of 3D CAD (TOP SOLID)
November 2000 ISO QMS 9002:1994 edition certification
April 2001 TAMA Association EDI network project participants
February 2002 Industry-university cooperative research with Hosei University (scheduling)
April 2002 Kickoff of “Attack V55” initiative
November 2003 ISO QMS 9001 certification updated to 2000 edition
April 2004 Sankyo Radiator Co., Ltd. opens for business
June 2005 TRAD Co., Ltd. opens for business
March 2006 Introduction of 3D CAD IDEAS
May 2006 ISOQMS 14001:2004 edition certification
February 2007 Received Sano City award for contributions to local industrial development
April 2007 Kickoff of “Attack V60” initiative, introduction of BSC
December 2007 Installation of NEDO grant 20kW solar power system
September 2008 Introduction of R-axis precision laser pipe cutting machine
June 2009 Subsidy from National Federation of Small Business Associations, development of small-diameter hydroforming machine
December 2009 ISO 9001 certification updated to 2008 edition
February 2010 “Busyu-style single-piece flow production” featured in Nikkei Shimbun
March 2010 First place in EDIMAS magazine’s 2009 factory search access rankings
April 2010 Award for “Delivery Quality Excellence” from Sankyo Radiator Co., Ltd.
July 2010 Development of variable bending radius pipe machine sponsored by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
March 2011 Special Encouragement Award for Excellence, Tokyo Credit Union Association
April 2012 Kickoff of “Attack V65” initiative, promotion of ES activities
March 2013 March 15 Shinmachi satellite plant completed
January 2014 Received Grand Prize at Tokyo Business Design Awards
February 2014 Winner of Eco-Power Award from the Japan Association of Environment and Society for the 21st Century (JAES21)
November 2014 Pipegram wins Good Design Award
January 2015 Pipegram wins Good Design Award
June 2015 Pipegram wins 2015 Good Toy Award
October 2015 Selected, Top 100 Proactive IT Management
December 2015 Winner, Tama Green Excellence Award
January 2016 Regional Contribution Award from Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun
January 2016 Selected for “300 Successful Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises”
Company Policy
Company Policy

We are a company that strives to improve the workplace by promoting creativity, enthusiasm, and harmony among our people. We aim to earn our customers’ trust and inspire our employees to find satisfaction in their work.

Basic Quality Policy

We want to ensure customer satisfaction and provide reliable products that delight each customer, every time.

Contributions to Society
Regulatory compliance:Recognition of superior corporate tax filing

“Industrial patriotism” is a way of life in Japan, and paying our taxes is a fundamental part of our business activities. We are one of two companies out of 2000 in the Tachikawa Corporate Taxpayer’s Association that have been honored seven times, or once every five years, for our outstanding record of tax payments, with no losses, since 1968.

Contributions to Society:Highway clean-up activities (daily since 1998)

(daily since 1998)
To fulfill our civic and corporate responsibilities,
we engage in various work-related social activities based on our “Attack V” initiatives.

Environmental Philosophy and Basic Environmental Policy
Environmental Philosophy

Busyu Kogyo aims to pursue its business activities in an environmentally sustainable manner, and encourages all of its employees to use their creativity and ingenuity to develop sustainability initiatives. Our philosophy, as a member of the local community, is to emphasize positive social relations while serving the community through manufacturing.

Environmental Policy

As we engage in metal pipe machining and sheet metal processing, and as we develop, produce and sell products, we prioritize protection of the environment and promote economic development through the following activities.

  1. Recognizing the environmental impact associated with our activities, products, and services, we will continue, as much as possible, to prioritize environmental sustainability, to set environmental goals and objectives, and to prevent pollution. We seek to continually improve our methods of promoting the three environmental Rs (reduce, reuse, and recycle).
  2. All employees undergo environmental awareness training and learn the principles of environmental sustainability. We also ask our partner companies for their understanding and cooperation in these efforts.
  3. We strive to build healthy relationships with the local community by actively participating in local environmental sustainability initiatives.
  4. We work to preserve the environment by complying with relevant laws, regulations, ordinances and other requirements, and to the extent possible, by developing our own voluntary technical and economic standards and rules.
  5. As a production plant, we will continue to work to reduce productivity loss and failure, cut paperwork, and take other efficiency measures.
  6. This environmental policy is released to everyone who works at our company or on its behalf, as well as to the general public.