Equipment Information

We have the equipment to support advanced engineering techniques.

In addition to various types of standard machine tools and equipment,
we are fully equipped with custom-built equipment and error-proofing devices to support our single-piece flow production system.

Major Equipment


Switch bender


Three-dimensional laser-scanning measurement machine


Machining center

Equipment developed in-house

For efficient, high-quality production, we frequently develop our own equipment.


Laser cutting machine


Terminal machine (robot)


NC retrofit


UV marking image inspection machine control box


This is mainly pipe bending equipment and jigs that we design and manufacture in-house, giving us the flexibility to develop prototypes with a variety of shapes and applications. In addition to equipment for bending and squeezing, we increasingly produce even our own automatic control equipment in-house. This helps us improve productivity by automating the accumulated knowledge of our skilled craftspeople.

▶Single-piece flow production equipment

Our single-piece flow production equipment is built on a somewhat smaller scale than the standard 80 cm width, to enhance the technicians’ work efficiency. When developing and maintaining the equipment, we carefully assess its cost-effectiveness and make sure it provides only the required functionality, no more and no less.




Laser marking


Mini-equipment for single-piece flow production


Manufacturing & Maintenance

▶Machinery and equipment list
Equipment name Number
Stamping and sheet metal processing
4kW CleanCut laser 1
3-dimensional laser 1
Hydraulic press, 500t 1
Power press, 12t~150t 3
Press brake, 25t, 35t, 75t 3
Shearing machine 1
Corner notcher 1
Robot welder 1
Set press 3
Iron worker, 6×75L 1
Angle bender, 6×50 2
Spot machine 15kW~55kW 5
Arc welding machine, 300~350 1
Argon welding machine, 300A 2
Electrostatic painting equipment 1
Oxygen welding equipment 4
Equipment name Number
Pipe machining (aluminum HP/AC)
NC bender, 8~40mm 17
Hydraulic bender, 25 mm 6
Terminal machine 24
Terminal cutting machine 6
Automatic pipe roll cutting machine 2
Manual pipe cutting machine 2
Automatic brazing machine 6
Automatic TIG welding machine 4
Oxygen welding machine 6
TIG溶接機 1
Automatic power press, 35t 1
Air press, 2t 4
Daphne vacuum cleaner 4
Small milling machine 1
Automatic lathe 2
Chamfering machine 5
Robot bending machine 1
Air leak detector 6
Water test equipment 1
Crimping machine (with sensor) 3
Compressor 1
Drying machine 1
Soap cleaning equipment 1
Equipment name Number
Pipe machining (WP/RP/intake)
NC bender, 25?40mm 6
Terminal machine 12
Small lathe 2
Welding robot (CO2 and TIG) 2
Automatic TIG welding machine 3
Arc welding machine 2
Oxygen welding equipment 5
Air leak detector 5
Pipe machining
(aluminum, brass, iron/HP/RP/intake)
Hydraulic bender 100t 1
Press machine, 15t~25t 12
Auto/manual pipe cutting machine 2
Hydraulic bender 3
Manual bender 3
NC bender, 10~30 mm 4
Terminal machine 3
Oxygen welding machine 6
Lathe-cut hot water cleaning equipment 1
Jet drying furnace 1
Annealing furnace 1
Water test equipment 1
Air leak detector 3
Hydraulic high-pressure test equipment 1
Argon welding machine 2
Robot welder 4
Equipment name Number
Design and development
Three-dimensional CAD 3
Two-dimensional CAD 5
Machinery and tool
Machining center 1
NC milling machine 2
NC lathe 1
Automatic milling machine 1
Lathe 2
Plane grinding machine, 600 1
Partner manufacturers
Laser welding machine 2
Electron beam welding machine 5
Brazing furnace 3
Water jet cutting machine 3